Welcome to The University of New Mexico Turkish Student Association (TSA) Homepage. This homepage is designed to establish a better communication among  TSA members and to serve as an information source for students at UNM and also for people living in Albuquerque. In this page you will find the newest announcements about the activities held by TSA, some useful information for the new coming students and more. Please click onto the links to the left to browse our web site.

Our goal is to introduce Turkish culture to UNM community, Albuquerque and NM in general; assist new Turkish Students at UNM to adapt life at UNM and in NM; organize activities to bring together people who are interested in Turkish culture and language; promote Turkish-American friendship.

We really appreciate your interest in our activities, and would be happy to see you join us. Membership is free, just fill in the membership form, a link of which is available on the left. When you submit, we will receive an email and respond to you if you provide your contact information.


Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's speech, addressed to American Nation, 1927. Next to him is Joseph C. Grew, then American Ambassador to Turkey.